Diversified | Equitable

Circular Economy

Forever Sabah aims to build a fair, prosperous and sustainable Sabah
by pioneering the State’s transition to a diversified circular economy.

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Forever Sabah


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Forever Sabah

is a 25 year programme to support Sabah's transition to a diversified, equitable, circular economy.

Forever Sabah was initiated and is supported by NGOs, government and the private sector, and it relies upon cutting edge science and the knowledge of indigenous communities. It seeks to utilize existing knowledge and to encourage the sharing of experiences and new forms of currency– such as of responsibility, participation, reciprocity, and trust, to achieve more effective, large-scale and collaborative results.


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By Daniele Cohen, 11 September 2015 Brooklyn, New York City: The Brooklyn Academy of Music was packed on Thursday night as people gathered to hear Bill

Forever Sabah Legal Briefs

By Holly Jonas, 12 August 2015 KOTA KINABALU: Sabah is not only home to some of the planet’s richest biological and cultural diversity,

Capacity Building Dialogue

By Casey Ng and Jaswinder Kler, 17 April 2015 KOTA KINABALU: A collaboration to find effective solutions in treating raw sewage i