Sustainable Alternative Livelihoods for Youth in Borneo (SALY-B) Programme

By Cassandra Albanus, 1 March 2017

Over the next three weeks, 21 youth from villages in the central Sabah district of Telupid and Ranau will learn, discuss and explore what their natural environment means to them and how they could create green businesses and other sustainable livelihoods.

The youth on stage for their poetry and song performances during the SALY-B launch in Kg Paus, Ranau.

“I hope that I can become more independent and learn how to develop tourism related programmes and fish farming. At the moment, I do not have much knowledge about the natural environment and this programme is a way for me to learn,” – Rosepilin Asdin of Kampung Bunakon

Cynthia Ong facilitating the first sit-down with the youth to speak about what they are passionate about and how they view themselves.

“I was uplifted by the energy of the young men and women I met; they were so ready and eager to learn more about their ecological landscapes, dive into issues and understand how developing alternative livelihoods can help shift the realities on the ground.” – Cynthia Ong, Executive Director, LEAP.

Read the full press release here.

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