GAMUT Composting Centre

The aim of this project is to reduce the environmental footprint of Penampang District by diverting waste from landfills and converting it into organic compost.

The project shall:

  • Serve as a centre for education that aims to increase local awareness of responsible waste management, composting and the merits of organic fertilisers.
  • Open avenues for alternative sources of income through the creation and sale of organic fertiliser.
  • Make Penampang more efficient and reduce its dependence on synthetic fertilisers


There are numerous flaws and inefficiencies associated with Sabah’s current waste disposal model. At present organic waste produced by Penampang District is mixed with inorganic waste such as plastics etc. and sent to a nearby landfill. Disposing of waste in this way is costly both in terms of carbon emissions and wasted taxpayer dollars. Additionally, as it decomposes organic waste produces a gas which is high in methane, a greenhouse gas that is contributing to climate change. Waste contains valuable minerals that can be used to increase crop yields without dependence on synthetic fertilisers. Numerous local stakeholders have expressed interest in using this valuable resource more efficiently including the hawker association of Penampang’s wet market (PENAJA) and a representative from the Penampang District Council. This project will construct a composting centre in Donggongon Township, Penampang in order to reduce the transportation expenses and increase accessibility to the general public. The project will begin by collecting waste from two local markets but ultimately aims to expand its activities and serve as a model to other markets throughout the state.

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